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Jan 10

While we can debate what the best subdivisions across the Treasure Valley are all day because it is a personal choice what it hard to ignore is how home buyers spent their money. Build Idaho has a compiled a list of top selling subdivisions based on how home buyers voted.

Dec 23

This is a popular question for prospective home buyers considering new construction. Although there are many variables it is actually easy to determine.

Dec 20

Many people want to design a home from scratch while others need a semi-custom home. But everyone wants to personalize the home so that it has their style and is unique.

Nov 19

Idaho Custom Homes don't just happen haphazardly. You have to have a plan, especially if you are your own builder.

Oct 28

Today's Idaho Home Buyers have a large inventory of new and used homes to choose from. One option many buyers are considering is ?distressed? property. Probably because they want to be one of those people that score a deal. The reality is that while there are deals out there, it is the exception to the rule, no the norm.

Oct 27

Build Idaho sits down with Dan Richter- General manager, and Kent Pruesch, marketing representative from Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group

Oct 21

The three biggest fears on life are death, taxes and buying a home. Here are some tips to make your purchase a much less stressful and the enjoyable experience.

Oct 14

The word Quality can be vague in meaning. Any Idaho home builder can tell you that they build a quality home. I can?t think of any that would not. But what is the meaning of quality? How do you define it? What makes a home a quality built home? Let us explore those very questions and breaking down the elements of a new home and what you should be looking for to determine whether your new home in Idaho meets the true characteristics of a quality home. Please feel free to submit questions and ideas about various areas you may be concerned about or interested in during your search for your new home in Boise, Idaho.

Oct 14

Congratulation! You have decided to buy a brand new home. Who wants to inherit someone else's problems with a foreclosure? Who wants to live in a home with out-dated appliances, old and dirty carpeting with toe nails and hair in it? How much longer does the roofing have left in it? There?s something incredible about walking into a new home that is void of fingerprints and other signs from a previous home owner. Here are a few tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Oct 04

If you are in the market for a new home, but you really want a home with character, you can customize the plans without dramatically changing the budget.

Oct 03

Buying a model home, customizing a successful floor plan by a Boise Builder or building a custom home may also determine the re-sellability of your home.

Sep 23

Considering Meridian Real Estate? look at the area's newest comunities.

May 14

Builder for Engineers and Sub-Contractors

Dec 22

This blog is for all those guys out there who for whatever reason have waited until the last minute to shop for that special someone.  We've all seen the commercials showing the guy giving his loved one the diamonds or the new car.  Any schmuck can give his loved one a diamond or a new car.  Why not give her a new home for Christmas. 

Nov 05

Who is making sales in today's market and how are they doing it?

Entries 21-35 of 35
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