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May 05

I am not an economist and I don't predict the future but I do have some thoughts to share!

Apr 08

Lots of interesting developments in the local real estate market. We have been tracking a couple of trends, check it out!

Feb 05

BuidlIdaho.com tracks the pulse of the market by tracking new homes and builders. We constantly review building permits so we can find the newest communities acorss the Boise Valley. Today we took a look at just how many homes were built last year. Here is what we learned.

Jan 13

This survey includes including Bench and Southeast Boise. Learn more about the Best Selling, Top Luxury and Most Affordable NEW Communities in this area. This real estate report breaks down pricing including median prices and price per squaer foot.

Jan 09

Check out the most expensive communities based on the highest priced sold homes between North, Northeast and Northwest Boise.

Jan 04

No one argues that Idaho is going to see more real estate activity in 2018. We have a great place to share and everyone is noticing all the benefits including safety, strong economy, solid local and state government reasonable taxes and overall affordability. So what will we see in 2018? 

Dec 07

Check out the latest analytics of how demand is driving the Boise real estate market in New Construction Homes.

Sep 19

Read the July 2015 Report on New Home Sales

Sep 19

Check out the March 2016 New Community Sales Report. Based on New Home Sales by Community

Sep 08

All indicators say it is still a seller's market. Review Build Idaho's summary icons of market activity including new home sales and home values.

Sep 08

Boise Idaho Real Estate market remains strong. Review our 4 market indicators and trend icons.

Sep 08

Check out our icons that display summary Boise new homes market activity

Sep 08

Boise Idaho New Construction Report. Check out the latest local real estate stats and trends for Boise Valley.

Sep 08

Check out the latest summary real estate and new construction stats aroudn the Boise Valley

Sep 08

Check out the latest summary real estate and new construction stats aroudn the Boise Valley

Jul 12

Looking for a new home in Boise Idaho is a daunting task if you want to base your decision on the quality reputation of the builder. There are some 160 builders in Boise to choose from.

Apr 20

What subdivsions are preferred in the Boise New Construction Market?

Jan 20

Learn what subdivisions sell the most homes across the Boise Valley.

Jan 06

2016 rolls in and already we are seeing home buyers getting serious.

Nov 22

Treasure Valley's Best Selling Subdivisions

October 2015

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