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Jan 18

Builders took down over 4,800 building lots in 2021 so developers are going to need to develop more land to meet current demand.

Feb 17

2018 Home Sales started out strong but what about 2019. What does the market look like this year?

Apr 28

Read the following article and see if you can guess which housing market the writer is writing about. I've replaced all the references to the particular housing market and any other key words that might give away the answer with blank spaces. Youll find the answer at the end of the article.

Mar 14

Don't think history repeats itself. Think again. The reason we study history is to hopefully learn from our past mistakes. It appears that as a whole, we either skipped a chapter or two, or possibly just forgot the lesson. Here's a refresher course.

Dec 07

Water. Californians are #1 source of in migration for the state of Idaho. Here are their recent real estate stats.

Entries 1-5 of 5

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