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Jan 15

Check out our report on the top communities including: Best Selling, Top Luxury and Most affordable. Chart includes pricing analitic comparisons plus price per square foot.

Jan 13

This survey includes including Bench and Southeast Boise. Learn more about the Best Selling, Top Luxury and Most Affordable NEW Communities in this area. This real estate report breaks down pricing including median prices and price per squaer foot.

Jan 09

Check out the most expensive communities based on the highest priced sold homes between North, Northeast and Northwest Boise.

Jan 04

No one argues that Idaho is going to see more real estate activity in 2018. We have a great place to share and everyone is noticing all the benefits including safety, strong economy, solid local and state government reasonable taxes and overall affordability. So what will we see in 2018? 

Dec 07

Check out the latest analytics of how demand is driving the Boise real estate market in New Construction Homes.

Nov 16

Most items on and in your new home are covered for the first year against defects due to workmanship and materials. Here is some information that is fairly standard in the local market regarding what is covered. Consult your builder for their exact policies and procedures.

Nov 14

Here is a list of things that might go wrong during your real estate transaction. It is not a complete list but things that could happen as you go to the closing of your property. Closing is the most important event of any transaction. It is the execution of the exchange of property and money!

Nov 07

If you are thinking about buying a home, get started now and maybe you can actually help someone to have a better christmas!

Oct 22

Want to know what will statistically help get the most money for a home?

Oct 09

Take a look at some quick Boise Real Estate Market stats. These #'s are just a quick compiliation. Please ask us for the full local report!

Sep 26

You may recognize this as Build Idaho's tag line but it really is what we do!

Jun 19

Going to see a home in person is a well advised step in finding a home, you can only learn so much online?

Feb 22

Getting your home ready to sell is a lot of work but the difference is like anything, the more effort you put in up front, the better the return.

Feb 21

Real Estate Review of most expensive and exclusive places to live. Check out our real estate review of top luxury communities including average sales price and price to square foot plus other new home pricing data.

Oct 17

Currently, the local real estate conditions are creating urgency because there are few homes for sale and interest rates are low but that is just the begining.

Sep 19

Read the July 2015 Report on New Home Sales

Sep 19

Check out the March 2016 New Community Sales Report. Based on New Home Sales by Community

Sep 19

Based on 2,400+ New Home Sales in 300+ Communities in 2015

Sep 08

2015 Boise Idaho Real Estate Review.

See how 2015 compares to 2014 real estate totals.

Sep 08

All indicators say it is still a seller's market. Review Build Idaho's summary icons of market activity including new home sales and home values.

Entries 101-120 of 441
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