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Mar 11

It seems like new homes is a popular topic in Boise Idaho. This week Kerri O'Hara of Core Group Realty continues the discussion. Boise continues to make the news as a top place to live in the United States. This buzz has created much interest in new construction as people flock to Boise to live.

Mar 07

What saves you more money- Getting a lower price on the home or getting a better interest rate on your home loan?

Jan 31

Check out some of the stats from our research of new home sales and new construction in Boise, ID.

Jan 29

Here are the top reasons to list your Boise Idaho homes for sale today from Core Group Realty!

Jan 28

This month President Obama renewed the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act which will help home owners who have negative equity in their house. Kerri O'hara of CORE Group Realty brings us this weeks Buzz!

Jan 20

The real estate market continues to evolve and even for local brokerages.

Jan 17

Interview with Marc Lebowitz, Exectutive Director of Ada County Association of Realtors-

Jan 14

Kerri O'Hara asks executive of ACAR about what to expect in 2013 for Boise Idaho Real Estate?

Jan 12

Boise Idaho Real Estate Report- by the numbers!

Jan 11

Home sales have a huge impact on a local economy. The fact that Boise has had 4 straight years of improving home sales is paying great dividends to this metro area. I stress not to measure the health of the real estate market just solely on home prices, but also keep your eye on demand.

Jan 11

Here is a chart that displays how home sales have changed since 1996

Dec 20

2012 saw the first signs of construction cost increase and 2013 should see more

Dec 18

We rank again as one of the best housing markets! One of many list that Boise made in 2013. Seems like monthly Boise is recognized as one of the best places to live, work and play.

Dec 17

Build Idaho is pleased to partner with Idaho Airships and Valley Air to bring the most current aerial map of Boise, ID. The Boise Valley Map includes from Lucky Peak Dam to Marsing and Kuna to Avimor.

Dec 10

Boise Idaho's leading authority on new construction has been tracking building permits for 7 years and expects Boise Home Builders to pull over 2 thousand permits this year.

Dec 06

With the rise in the market, Time may be running short for rental purchases!

Nov 26

The National Association of Realtors Reveals the Current Home Buyer Trends!

Nov 26

Home Sales are up in all price ranges in Boise (Ada County). All prices ranges except homes priced below $120,000. The supply of homes priced under $120,000 is disappearing, which has lead to a sharp decrease in sales in this price range. WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT:

Nov 18

This week Kerri O'Hara report of how new construction is doing and why. Not finding what you want for sale on the market today? Go talk to a builder!

Nov 18

New home sales are on the rise in the Boise real estate market. In fact, according to the chart in this article, almost every month this year has outperformed the previous two years of Boise Real Estate. There's only one exception; June 2010 posted 69 new home sales. The fall of 2012 has seen approximately double the sales from a year ago and in some cases more than triple from 3 years ago.

Entries 161-180 of 441
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