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Mar 15

While the national picture is bleak to the point of necessitating immediate congressional action to shore up home prices, local media outlets should know the facts about their local market before taking those national headlines and applying them to their own housing markets.

Mar 14

Don't think history repeats itself. Think again. The reason we study history is to hopefully learn from our past mistakes. It appears that as a whole, we either skipped a chapter or two, or possibly just forgot the lesson. Here's a refresher course.

Feb 22

Our observations, for the Treasure Vally, confirm that "commercial real estate follows roof tops."

Jan 16

Includes Permit Reports by area and Builder plus industry reports from local experts.

Jan 01

Wow, someone really does read my Boise Home Builder blog! That's great. And I have obviously "touched a nerve." Thank you for your comments. I really do value them and I do respect your opinions and your points of view. l will try to address them here.

Dec 07

Water. Californians are #1 source of in migration for the state of Idaho. Here are their recent real estate stats.

Dec 03

It is past time to start your 2008 business plans! Don't just talk about the market, react to it!

Nov 23

Developers continue to bring plats to market

Nov 19

The December 5th date at the Ameritel Inn on Overland (Boise Spectrum) is almost sold out.

Nov 15

If you are looking to purchase a property, whether today or 3 years from today, the most effective and easy way for you to search that will also save you time is to have your Realtor set you up on an automatic update search.

Nov 08

"Life 2.0: How People Across America are Transforming Their Lives by Finding The Where Of Their Happiness"

Nov 01

A group of about 50 got together this morning to listen to those who really take time to study this issue and hear their predictions and explanations.

Oct 29

Existing-home sales fell to a nearly 10-year low last month, and major builders are reporting big losses. But a small group of wealthy people unfazed by the downturn are paying big premiums to have houses erected in record time.

Oct 22

When you are ready, I'll be here.

Oct 19

Are buyers wary to buy because of media hype?

Oct 18

Urban Renewal and Condo Projects are important happenings in downtown Boise. Join me as I learn more about everything that is going on.

Oct 15

Idaho Statesman reports only 27 foreclosures in Idaho for September

Entries 81-97 of 97
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