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Feb 01

In many ways, buying a new home is like buying a new car. Boise Idaho is a popular place to move and obviously finding a new home is an important decision but just like cars, there is a lot of market segmentation. To find a home for sale in Boise that meets your requirements is like finding a car, which one do you like the best?

Jan 24

Is 2012 your year to buy a home for sale or build a custom home in Idaho? 2011 showed a lot of signs that real estate is rebounding but are you going to make the jump? Are interest rates low enough? Will building lot prices go lower? Are building materials and other interior and exterior finishes as low as they will go. If you are cheap these are the questions you are asking but if you are looking for a great home that you will be proud to own and live in they are not.

May 07

I had a great discussion about building a home this week and how much it costs?

Oct 28

The problem with Real Estate Reports is that they do not supply actionable intelligence. Mostly, they are flash. Prices are always moving and yet people are always buying or selling......because life goes on.

May 12

This Five Point Guarantee stands above the rest! For anyone needing home protection services in Idaho. Protection is not just about while you are sleeping at night.

Entries 41-45 of 46
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