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May 14

Spring and summer are the prime time for home renovations thanks to warm weather and longer daylight hours. Home renovation covers a wide variety of projects from getting a new light fixture in the kitchen to adding a deck to the backyard. Some projects are large enough that they require a building permit. But where is the cutoff for needing/not needing a permit? We will provide examples of when you will need a permit for fixing up your home.

Feb 08

Check out our latest charts and graphs on building permits that display how new construction of homes continues to trend upward.

Jan 25

Here is how many permits each builder pulled in Boise. This is Ada and Canyon County combined.

Sep 08

All indicators say it is still a seller's market. Review Build Idaho's summary icons of market activity including new home sales and home values.

Sep 08

What is the market local new construiction doing? How are home values changing? Here is an iconic review!

Sep 08

What is the market local new construiction doing? How are home values changing? Here is an iconic review!

Sep 08

Review January 2015 real estate stats for Boise and Nampa, Idaho. See how home values are changing and building permit trends.

Oct 10

Review permit trends from 1997 to 2012 in Middleton, Idaho.

Oct 21

Would you believe that 8 years ago there were 4 times the # of building permits there are today?

Jun 18

Everyone knows the story of real estate and how in 2006 the first signs of the bubble bursting  showed up. Now we have stability and it may even be fair to say that opportunity is gone. Obviously, there is always opportunity but those good deals are not as drastic as they were. As a matter of fact, for 2 years the Boise Idaho Real Estate Market has been strong.

May 22

A recent look at building permits compared to previous year shows that things are strong for New Homes being built.

Feb 07

By now you have read how the Boise New construction market is growing. Take a look at how many more building permits builders pulled now than last year.

Jan 08

Who builds the most homes in Valley County including McCall, Cascade and Donnelly.

Jan 08

Here is the list of top builders in Canyon County including building permits in Nampa, Middleton, Caldwell and the outer regions like Melba and Parma.

Sep 13

The Boise Idaho Real Estate market is strong and new construction is growing. You know what that means? Opportunistic builders are coming back.

Jan 20

Currently the Boise Idaho Real Estate Market is in flux. Wait, it is always in flux. Here is another perspective of what is going on with new homes that are under construction.

Jan 20

The best place to start with any perspective is in the begining. While many people are familiar with the last 6 years to 10 years of real estate and new construction, there is a record of home building in the Boise Idaho Metropolitan area since 1961. You can follow spikes in construction and building permits with major increases in employmnet like HP and Micron.

Nov 17

Wondering where the majority of new homes are being built across Southern Idaho? Traditional media would have you believe that new construction companies are out of business. Build Idaho would argue that. There are still people from out of state moving in and families are still growing. Here is a look at which communities are most popular based on where the builders are building.

Feb 14

By Average Permit Value for 2007. Homes range from luxury down to small. Builders as well as homes come in all shapes and sizes.

Aug 14

Idaho real estate trivia: What happens when the inventory of homes is plentiful and growing, sales are slow, construction is down and new developments and phases are popping up everywhere and continue rolling out? Lower prices, right? We have increased supply and lower demand which means prices are falling, correct? Not really. My economics professor would have struggled to grasp the current real estate circusmstances and no one has given a comprehensive answer yet.

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