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Jun 17

Many people don't consider new construction as part of their home search because they assume it is more expensive or that it is too stressful. Really?

Jan 25

Learn more about new homes in Boise Idaho than your Realtor knows in this comprehensive guide to how home buyers spent their money in 2012.

Dec 22

In today's world, anyone can become a builder, so what do they really know about your bulder?

Dec 14

A recent study by Avid Builder reveals home buyer trends for 2012

Sep 27

The Gem State is one of the top destinations for Californians leaving their state, according to a new report.

Feb 16

Have you done your due diligence? Have you listened to your friends as well as what your gut is telling you? Have you hired a professional, maybe an Idaho Realtor, to guide you. Have you considered hiring an ENERGY STAR verifier to ensure that you are getting what you pay for?

Jan 08

Todd Campbell is a Boise home builders and 3rd generation home builder. He is on each job site daily, as well as over-seeing the administration of the business, which is something that Todd takes pride in and believes is important for his continued success. Todd furthered his knowledge of the industry with a degree in finance with an emphasis in real estate from the University of Utah. His formal education, as well as the hands on approach, have helped Todd to stay involved in the designing of his homes and communities. Todd Campbell Custom Homes is a dynamic company always on the cutting edge of community design and creating the newest trends.

Dec 28

Maybe you know it is time to get a home or are sitting on the fence. Here are the top ten signs that you need a new home.

Jun 15

Wow, after years of dismal reports about the local real estate market, it is getting warmer out there!

Feb 25

Does McDonald's sell burgers? In real estate it may always be- Location, Location, Location! And in Boise there really are no bad locations.

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