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Mar 22

How many choices are? Well there are over 250 actively selling subdivisions. There are probably the same # of builders to choose from.

Feb 01

When buying a home most people search price, bedrooms, baths and square feet. Then it is about finding the right look and feel. But there is one important factor to look for.....

Oct 20

No this is not a Halloween real estate post but more of a geographical analogy between Ada and Canyon County.

Jun 07

When I talk to buyers about where they are from and why they are moving or have moved here there is one answer that is consistent and is mandatory- They love Boise!

Oct 29

Learn a little about different areas around the Treasure Valley to search homes for sale.

Oct 15

Here is a Checklist to help you get started searching.

Entries 21-26 of 26
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