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Aug 25

Welcome to Boise, Idaho, the last great place in the American West where housing remains affordable, Western culture still thrives, and access to the nation's wildest state begins within city limits. National Geographic Adventure Magazine

Aug 21

Subdivision Profile

Aug 17

October 7 & 8, 14 & 15, 21 & 22 is the area's best known home tour and show.

Aug 13

Share your insights, forecasts and opinions.

Aug 10

What month did Meridian permits peak? Now many were issued? Learn more.

Jun 26

Thousands of Boise Homeowners Now Included in Suit Against Realty Agencies

Jun 26

Are prces still climbing? Is inventory up or down? CAn you help us decipher what is going on?

Jun 15

View all the awards plus BuildingCredibility.com ranks builders by wieghted awards.

Jun 08

Visit the local parade of homes even for Canyon County,June 9th to 18th.

  • Weekdays 5-9pm.
  • Weekends 1-9pm.

Jun 05

Intermountain MLS Statistics on the Real Estate Market, April 2006

May 22

National statistics of remodeling costs vs return on investment.

May 11

Remodel or Move? 25 Points to Consider for your next real estate move!

May 09

Whether you are buying, selling, investing or staying put, there are smart moves you can make to get the most out of you real estate.

May 05

Here is the complete list of Parade of Home Awards. Find out which builder won the most awards? Plus, would you like to know which subdivision won the most awards in the 2006 Boise Parade of Homes?

May 02

If you research numbers, here is some helpful information on new construction in Treasure Valley.

May 02

Boise Home Builder Results. Which Builder won the most Parade awards?

Apr 28

Vote for you favorite home and share your experience. The Parade of Homes ends May 7th.

Apr 28

Build Idaho surveyed local Builders and here is what we found.

Entries 2201-2220 of 2244
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