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Feb 05

Check out Build Idaho's chart on the median price of homes plus the number of homes sold with year-over-year % changes.

Feb 03

As Boise's population increases and affordability decreases, many people are moving to the more rural locations of Treasure Valley. Emmett, ID is a beautiful valley that is experiencing its own real estate challenges.

Feb 03

Caldwell, Idaho is a short commute to downtown Boise and a popular place to live for more affordable housing opportunities. Check out the housing market trends in Caldwell.

Feb 03

Boise, ID housing market update for 2022. Inventory of single-family homes for sale dropped by 28.1% from December 2021 to 2022. The median sales price of single-family homes continues upward in Boise due to the shortage of inventory. Build Idaho tracks home prices over the last 5 years.

Jan 15

Take a look at the median home prices in the Boise area, including breakdowns of new homes compared to existing homes.

Dec 11

There are several perspectives to consider when buying a home. Everyone's situation is different and has different ways to evaluate the value of a home for sale.

Jul 29

Home values in Idaho and across the country have soared as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic-fuelled real estate boom. Now that we are halfway through 2021, we gathered some of the most important numbers to see how they have changed since the pandemic started last March.

Mar 04

2020 saw home prices rise to nearly unprecedented levels as pent-up homebuyer demand was let out across the country. Idaho saw the highest increases in home prices and the lowest levels of inventory in the nation as thousands of people move to the state to get a piece of Idaho for themselves. As a result of rising home prices across the nation, the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced it would raise the amount of money that qualified buyers could borrow in 2021.

Aug 29

A little bit of real estate information for the water cooler.

Jul 09

Boise, Idaho has become very popular, and Eagle seems to be one of the favorite communities for out of state home buyers and local residents.

Jun 15

Check out the latest Boise Idaho Real Estate Trends. It may be hard to believe that during a pandemic and large unemployment stats that home sales in Boise would remain strong. But they are actually very strong.

Feb 05

BuidlIdaho.com tracks the pulse of the market by tracking new homes and builders. We constantly review building permits so we can find the newest communities acorss the Boise Valley. Today we took a look at just how many homes were built last year. Here is what we learned.

Sep 23

No doubt you have heard the real estate in Boise, ID is strong. But how do home value trends compare from August 2018 to August 2019?

Jul 11

Prices are still  climbing but at a slower rate. Inventory is growing. Days on Market are increasing. Change is slow but starting to show up.

Feb 24

What is any home in Boise worth right now? It’s generally worth “market value”, defined loosely as the highest price a buyer would pay in a competitive market. This assumes neither buyer nor seller are under any undue stress or duress external to the transaction itself. Undue stress would include something like the buyer and seller are related.

Feb 17

2018 Home Sales started out strong but what about 2019. What does the market look like this year?

Jan 30

Take a peak at the BEST SELLING, TOP LUXURY and MOST AFFORDABLE Communities in Eagle for new homes.

Jan 30

How have home values changed over the last 12 years? Build Idaho's charts track average sold price of new and existing home prices across the Treasure Valley by quarter since 2005!

Jan 24

Idaho Real Estate Agents and Home Buyers often review and compare price per sq. ft. as the most valid way to determine a home’s value. While this is one great mathematical tool to evaluate the price of a home, make sure you are comparing similar 'apples'. There is much more to determining value than the price per square foot especially if the homes are different! It is like comparing Steak to Hamburger. Both are beef, right?

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