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Mar 19

The Spring Boise Parade of Homes in 2020 is scheduled for April 25th to May 10th.

Feb 13

If home and garden shows are inspiring you to improve your house so that it has a revolutionary WOW factor, understand that it is expensive and the next buyer will not be paying full price for the upgrades you gave them.

Sep 28

Tuscan-inspired living by combining stunning vista views and one-of-a-kind custom architecture. Relax and entertain in the private courtyard, covered patios, and open gourmet kitchen. Stained wood trim throughout the house and exposed wooden beams highlight elegance while a wrought iron gated portal and stone fireplaces provide accent and character. Oversized Anderson doors and windows let in all of the beauty the valley has to offer. A one of a kind home you must experience.

Mar 29

Sometimes, it’s difficult to identify what, exactly, is making you feel stressed. Knowing why you’re stressed gives you an objective, something tangible you can correct. There are the usual factors that most of us identify with stress: work, money, family, weight, etc. However, the reason is sometimes closer, something that surrounds you every day but gets taken for granted. If your home has ceased to be a refuge, and if you feel anxious instead of rested in your own house, you could be suffering the emotional effects of clutter.

Apr 19

2012 marks the 20th Annual Chair Affair Gala on April 21st.

Nov 07

Let Silverline Systems provide you with a free consultation on a custom designed closet system that suits your wardrobe, your needs, and your lifestyle!

Mar 30

There are secrets in the hardware finish and how it is produced that many would NOT want you to know. Find out what they are.

Feb 14

Just as it says. Buy locally!

Jan 18

DASH stands for Digital Authority Smart House and the score they provide reflects the technical capabilities of the house and the development.

Entries 1-9 of 9

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