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Feb 19

Living in the Homestead subdivision is defined by a quiet, peaceful living with easy access to fun things to do in Eagle, Meridian, and Boise.

Nov 13

Check out our list of new subdivisions, just updated today.

Aug 26

When P.L. Schick and George Banker took out their homestead patent in the Dry Creek Valley of Idaho in 1863, they were the first to take advantage of the rich resources and strategic location of the Valley, but they were not the only ones. Others followed quickly. One of the most desirable areas for settling and cultivation was the site of the current development called Dry Creek Ranch, which historically was the site of two homesteads--the Rossi-Robie/Healy/Jeker Ranch, and the Kingsbury/Lemp/Gary/Jones Ranch.

Feb 07

Read Build Idaho's Report on the BEST SELLING, TOP LUXURY and MOST AFFORDABLE new communities from 2018. We review what place had the most new homes sale, where the most expensive new home were built and well as the least expensive new homes.

Nov 30

We recently updated our South Nampa new community database including new home prices. Check it out!

Nov 30

Several times a year we check to see what new communites there are in each area and then investigate how home prices are changing. See the latest charts!

Nov 30

Several times a year we update new communites in each MLS area and then investigate how home prices are changing. See the latest charts

Jan 25

It's time to look closer at Hammett Homes. Jay Ross tells us more about the company and what Hammett Homes is currently building.

Sep 13

In 2015 our survey found new home sales in 300 Communities and last year we found 350! I review building permits on a weekly basis and found two new communities coming available to the Boise New  Construction market.

Mar 03

Check out our report on best priced new homes in Eagle, ID.

Mar 07

Compare HOA fees for several of the higher end communities in Eagle

Jun 09

There are hundreds of New Communities across Southern Idaho. We have them broken down by area.

Jan 25

Are you looking at buying a new home in 2014? There are plenty of options now but as we move into the year, more are coming and lots of them.

Oct 09

The latest project by Level 3 Development is coming in March.

Sep 30

Seems like everwhere I go, people are talking about Star.

Feb 26

What is most important for Idaho communities? It is presentation of course!

Entries 1-17 of 17

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