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Feb 27

Tired of not knowing what to do when the market conditions change?

Feb 19

Economics 101: Demand and Supply. Somebody please explain.

Feb 16

Next week the House State Affairs Committee will consider H. 101 -- a bill drafted and supported by the Idaho Building Contractors Association. H. 101 would prohibit cities and counties from enacting costly contractor licensing programs and the local level.

Jan 26

Charts display average quarterly sales price and price per square foot cost for new and resale from 2005 and now updated with fourth quarter stats.

Jan 25

Default notices up 145% since same quarter in '05.

Jan 16

Planned Community with future Elementary School planned, Pavilion for community gathering place, walking paths, Fully landscaped homes

Jan 12

Most Indicators are now showing later in 2007 than earlier predicted.

Dec 14

Home prices in Idaho rose the fastest of any state in the third quarter of 2006, according to a recently released federal report.

Nov 03

Many people are waiting for the market to grow and become more vibrant- why wait?

Nov 01

A question with too many components too limit to just one criteria.

Oct 15

Is it solving a problem or creating a bigger one? Here's what is in the news.

Sep 26

Starts and sales in many previously hot markets are way down, and the situation probably will get worse before it gets better. Here's how some local markets are faring.

Sep 20

2006 is tracking similar to where we were in 2004 total permits YTD. Are we back on track for normal growth?

Aug 21

Subdivision Profile

Aug 13

Share your insights, forecasts and opinions.

Jun 26

Thousands of Boise Homeowners Now Included in Suit Against Realty Agencies

Jun 26

Are prces still climbing? Is inventory up or down? CAn you help us decipher what is going on?

Jun 05

Intermountain MLS Statistics on the Real Estate Market, April 2006

Entries 681-700 of 715
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