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Apr 01

Build Idaho brings the best agents in the Boise Valley. We pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations by giving personal service with the highest professional standards.

Feb 12

2019 was quite the year for our brand new real estate team. Many noticed that were merged with Full Sail Real Estate and the results are in!

Dec 20

But when you work hard and someone else toots it for you, it is worth sharing.

Jul 15

There are thousands of Realtors in the area, someone in your family may very well be licensed but do you really want to entrust the biggest purchase of your life with them?

Feb 12

Hiring an agent to do a job on the most expensive purchase most will ever have should be taken very seriously. You want to hire someone who is going to do the best job for you.

Jan 08

Buying a home is a major decision; whether is it your first, an investment or a vacation home. It is one of the largest financial decisions you may ever make. You will spend vast amounts of time in your home and it beomes the place your return to every day, so be sure to avoid some of theses common buying mistakes.

Sep 26

You may recognize this as Build Idaho's tag line but it really is what we do!

Mar 18

One of the tips to getting the most for your home is staging. Rebecca talks to Jade and Stacy of Treasure Valley Home Staging about some common mistakes most of us make.

Jan 31

This morning we just have to get something off our chest. 

Nov 14

Choosing a person blind to represent you is not a good idea and everybody seems they same, don't they? Here are two questions you can ask someone to see if they area  great fit for your needs.

Jan 01

This weeks Idaho Real Estate Buzz episode features Angela Mae of CORE Group Realty. She is representing John Flaherty and talks about, as a builder, his ability to build everything from a custom luxury estate home to re-building one of his existing home floor plans.

Dec 07

Not all Idaho Realtors are alike? You would not go to your family doctor for heart surgery. So why would you expect all Boise Agents to all have the same skills

Nov 10

While every Idaho real estate website claims to have great information for it's visitors, this is the website that even the Boise Real Estate Agents use when they want to know. It is simple to use and is not information from a public data source with some fancy new technology and then wrapped in a pretty package. It is a serious resource with information not found on any other site.

Mar 06

Brunobuilt in The Shores.....This home is terrific and waterfront:

Jun 04

As a Realtor, for 16 years, I am used to people thinking the average Realtor is a millionaire, since they are in the "Million Dollar Club". As Paul Harvey would say . . . "And now, the rest of the story."

Dec 20

Looking for a great Idaho Realtor? Here are some tips!

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