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Jan 30

Want to meet your Home Builder online. Here are video interviews with builders across Boise Valley.

Jun 18

This weekend starts the Canyon County Parade of Homes. Check out this home.

Apr 08

Check out the results from our most recent community survey. Updated home values and much more.

Sep 23

Considering Meridian Real Estate? look at the area's newest comunities.

May 14

Builder for Engineers and Sub-Contractors

Mar 31

The subdivision is now recorded! A new opportunity in Eagle, Idaho whether you are an owner builder or general contractor.

Mar 15

So lets talk about just what Systems Built Construction is and what some of the key features that distinguish this method from previous generations of factory construction and other methods of construction like traditional stick building.

Jan 03

Exceptional view homesites overlooking the Treasure Valley and the Shadow Valley Golf Course!

Jan 02

Experience the Diamond Difference!

Dec 22

This blog is for all those guys out there who for whatever reason have waited until the last minute to shop for that special someone.  We've all seen the commercials showing the guy giving his loved one the diamonds or the new car.  Any schmuck can give his loved one a diamond or a new car.  Why not give her a new home for Christmas. 

Nov 05

Who is making sales in today's market and how are they doing it?

Aug 14

Idaho real estate trivia: What happens when the inventory of homes is plentiful and growing, sales are slow, construction is down and new developments and phases are popping up everywhere and continue rolling out? Lower prices, right? We have increased supply and lower demand which means prices are falling, correct? Not really. My economics professor would have struggled to grasp the current real estate circusmstances and no one has given a comprehensive answer yet.

Entries 101-112 of 112
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