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Jul 23

Each month Build Idaho reviews the Boise real estate market. July 2016 saw a deceleration in building permits but home sales remain strong.

Jul 30

Better Busness Bureau Serving Southwest Idaho and Eastern Oregon
Top Ten Inquiries by Type of Business

Aug 08

The following list ranks builders based on monthly total permits. The report is updated monthly and is intended to highlight local builders. If you have any comments, please post them at the bottom of the page.

Aug 08

Boise Idaho New Construction Report

Please Stay Seated, we are experiencing a little turbulence!  Where are the home buyers? In 2011, builders started to get busy again and by 2013 there was not enough subs to meet demand. Now sub-contractors are calling builders looking for work. What has happened? Are people no longer moving to Boise or are they no longer looking at new homes?

Feb 25

Who builds the most homes in Boise Idaho? What are the the top custom home builder projects? Which communities sell the most homes?

Only Build Idaho can tell you!

Dec 21

It is not year end #'s but a snapshot of what it will look like.

Entries 1-6 of 6

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