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Oct 21

The three biggest fears on life are death, taxes and buying a home. Here are some tips to make your purchase a much less stressful and the enjoyable experience.

Oct 17

Builder references are a great way to confirm your builder is credible but sometimes you may want to dig a little deeper. Here are some tips to see how clients really think of their home.

Oct 14

The word Quality can be vague in meaning. Any Idaho home builder can tell you that they build a quality home. I can?t think of any that would not. But what is the meaning of quality? How do you define it? What makes a home a quality built home? Let us explore those very questions and breaking down the elements of a new home and what you should be looking for to determine whether your new home in Idaho meets the true characteristics of a quality home. Please feel free to submit questions and ideas about various areas you may be concerned about or interested in during your search for your new home in Boise, Idaho.

Oct 14

Congratulation! You have decided to buy a brand new home. Who wants to inherit someone else's problems with a foreclosure? Who wants to live in a home with out-dated appliances, old and dirty carpeting with toe nails and hair in it? How much longer does the roofing have left in it? There?s something incredible about walking into a new home that is void of fingerprints and other signs from a previous home owner. Here are a few tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Oct 04

Boise ranked #13. Average list price: $212,588, Year-over-year increase: 10.43%? What does this mean?

Oct 04

If you are in the market for a new home, but you really want a home with character, you can customize the plans without dramatically changing the budget.

Oct 03

Buying a model home, customizing a successful floor plan by a Boise Builder or building a custom home may also determine the re-sellability of your home.

Sep 12

Avimor boasts Foothills Living with great flooplans and great prices- see these new homes and floorplans at Avimor.

Jul 06

There are many new subdivisions across the Treasure Valley but how can you tell which ones are of higher quality?

Jun 23

So you are in the game. You have decided to buy a new home. So what should you do now?

Apr 12

Latest Idaho Real Estate Report on home value trends of new compared to existing average sales prices around Boise Idaho. The following charts dislay average sales price of new compared to existing home sales prices by quarter from the year 2005 to first quarter. Charts break down each area including Boise , Eagle, Meridian and Star Idaho Real Estate.

Mar 09

Purchasing a home shouldn't be a scary experience. It should be a pleasant one. With the help of an Idaho VA loan, military home buyers can finance their home with one of the friendliest programs to borrowers.

Dec 16

In an effort to bring you the best information about buying and building new homes, this week we interviewed John Flaherty about his company. Here is the rest of the story....

Dec 02

Since 1995, John Flaherty http://FlahertyCustomHomes.com has built hundreds of homes. This year, the Aspen River was featured in the Boise Parade of Homes. This 3,500 ft2 home has a beautiful kitchen, master bedroom with sitting room and balcony looking over The Shores and into the Boise Foothills.

Oct 20

As you can see Canyon County home values have decreased dramatically since they peaked in 2007. This chart is average sales prices of homes by quarter sonce 2005. This report includes detailed charts of each area within Canyon County ID.

Oct 19

Learn more about one of Eagle Idaho's premiere communities- The Shores. Dewey Shattuck gives us an overview of the community

Aug 29

River Heights is the newest phase of Harris Ranch located in NE Boise. Developed by Brighton Corporation, one of Idaho?s largest real estate developers, River Heights offers many unique amenities:

Jul 23

Build Idaho presents it's first ENERGY STAR Home of the Week! This week it is HFS Homes. We are on site with Janice Stieger of Group One in Rivendell Estates.

May 29

5 tips to find a great house that you can enjoy for years to come. Remember if you buy a house for a home to enjoy instead of an investment, you will make a better decision.

May 11

Take a parade home video tour with Eric Evans

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