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Feb 25

Does McDonald's sell burgers? In real estate it may always be- Location, Location, Location! And in Boise there really are no bad locations.

Feb 22

Are you, or is someone you know, trying to sell their home...but is upside down on the mortgage? If so, there is a plan in the works that can help you avoid a short sale or foreclosure.

Jan 24

Perspective is everything. But take it all in stride and keep an open mind about idaho real estate.

Jan 03

Exceptional view homesites overlooking the Treasure Valley and the Shadow Valley Golf Course!

Jan 02

Experience the Diamond Difference!

Dec 22

This blog is for all those guys out there who for whatever reason have waited until the last minute to shop for that special someone.  We've all seen the commercials showing the guy giving his loved one the diamonds or the new car.  Any schmuck can give his loved one a diamond or a new car.  Why not give her a new home for Christmas. 

Nov 13

Nov 05

Who is making sales in today's market and how are they doing it?

Oct 13

As the Boise Home Market changes everyone must adjust.

Oct 12

Changing markets call for re-evaluating marketing plans, pricing and motivation. I see some things lately with pricing on homes for sale in Boise that simply don't make sense to me.

Oct 09

Looking for homes online has become the place that most people begin their search. Websites with public access to the MLS have made this really easy and agents have been adjusting to Real Estate in this technological world. This post talks about what you need to know about your online searching for homes for sale in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley, who those agents are with pictures on every house you look at online, and how Buyers are represented in the state of Idaho.

Oct 03

The day's of counting on the sign in the front yard is gone! 87% of today's home buyers are logging onto the internet as their first point of contact to search for a home.

Oct 02

The beginning of another blog about Boise Homes for Sale (but this one is the best!)

Sep 28

The Better Business Bureau announces the nominees for 2007 Integrity Counts! business honors awards. Vendors, customers, employees and members of the community nominated businesses for their integrity and ethics. Here are some in the members that received nominations.

Sep 27

What is the Question? The question is 'How much LESS do you pay for a CBH Homes when buy it on eBay?

Sep 22

Beautiful city views from the rim lots. Lovely community for all demographics. HOA is working on applying for permits to build a community pool. Very high end quality and finishes - with very affordable pricing!

Sep 20

In Part 1, I mentioned a new subdivision with zero information available.

Sep 04

It is home to the Star Merc (Mercantile) that offers gas, food, and groceries. It is still a small town.

Aug 30

My neighbor said I could find homes on eBay. He's right

Aug 14

Idaho real estate trivia: What happens when the inventory of homes is plentiful and growing, sales are slow, construction is down and new developments and phases are popping up everywhere and continue rolling out? Lower prices, right? We have increased supply and lower demand which means prices are falling, correct? Not really. My economics professor would have struggled to grasp the current real estate circusmstances and no one has given a comprehensive answer yet.

Entries 561-580 of 598
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