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Jul 30

Wanting to Buy A Home? Start by Following These 4 Important Steps

Buying a home can be an exciting milestone in your life, particularly if it’s your first one. However, there are some things you need to watch out for during the process to ensure you get the best deal and most suitable property out there for you.


Jul 29

Home Value Appreciation in the Boise Area

Home values in Idaho and across the country have soared as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic-fuelled real estate boom. Now that we are halfway through 2021, we gathered some of the most important numbers to see how they have changed since the pandemic started last March.


Jul 27

New Luxury Home Next to TimberStone Golf Course For Sale

Prepare to be moved! Build Idaho has a new listing for a large luxury home next to TimberStone Golf Course just outside of Caldwell, ID. This is a home you won't want to miss!


Jul 23

Build Idaho Gets More Recognition for Outstanding Performance

Build Idaho was recently featured by RealTrends for its performance in helping people buy and sell homes in the Boise area in 2020. These rankings are of the top 1,000 agents and teams in the country, and Build Idaho is near the top!


Jul 22

Advantages of Buying A Condo

There are numerous advantages to owning a condominium unit, regardless of whether it’s your first or second home. These selling points have contributed to the increasing popularity of condos, especially as single-family homes may be unaffordable for young professionals who are just starting their careers and buying their first home. We share more with you about ownership advantages in this guide.


Jul 21

Have You Considered Buying A Condominium?

Are you a homebuyer looking to make a condominium your first home? Or are you in search of a second home and have decided that a condominium may just be the ticket? Keep in mind that condominium living is very different from living in a home, and you have to take into consideration the needs and lifestyles of your neighbors besides many other factors. We share more with you about condominium living in this guide to help you make an informed decision about whether it will suit you.


Jul 15

Saddle Up! The Snake River Stampede is Next Week!

It’s time once again to saddle up for one of the best rodeos in the United States: The Snake River Stampede! Every year during the third week of July, this rodeo beings top-tier rodeo talent to the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa.


Jul 15

Appraisal Gap Coverage is Becoming More Prevalent. What Does it Mean for Buyers and Sellers?

The appraisal is an important part of the home buying process because it shows the buyer and their lender how much the home is actually worth. But as home prices continue to rise, the gap between home values and their appraised values grows. What does this mean for buyers and sellers?


Jul 08

Boise Real Estate Stats for June 2021

What is the local real estate market doing? 


Jul 08

List of Major Companies Headquartered in Idaho

As the State of Idaho grows as people and businesses move here, we thought it would be interesting to compile a list of major national and international companies that are headquartered here in Idaho. Here is what we found.


Entries 21-30 of 3656
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