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May 17

One reason that new home prices are going up is construction costs

Everything is going up! Material costs, labor, retail products, finishes, you name it. Check out the price of wood!


May 16

Selling a Home in Today's Real Estate Market

If you want to sell your home, it may happen fast. The market is hot and the best strategy is to get as many people to see the home as quickly as possible.


May 14

What Home Improvement Projects Require A Building Permit

Spring and summer are the prime time for home renovations thanks to warm weather and longer daylight hours. Home renovation covers a wide variety of projects from getting a new light fixture in the kitchen to adding a deck to the backyard. Some projects are large enough that they require a building permit. But where is the cutoff for needing/not needing a permit? We will provide examples of when you will need a permit for fixing up your home.


May 12

The Top 4 Reasons Why Owning A Home is A Financial Power Move

There is one over-arching question when it comes to deciding where to live: rent or buy? For many people, it makes sense to rent due to financial, employment, or lifestyle reasons. Buying a home is seen as more of a long-term solution for people who want to put down roots in a beloved city, and maybe start or grow a family. Being a homeowner also comes with benefits that are inaccessible to renters. Here are the top 4 reasons why owning a home is so financially powerful.


May 11

In Defense of Artificial Turf For Your Home

Artificial turf is gaining traction as an attractive alternative to grasses and traditional landscaping. Boise has gained a reputation for using artificial turf thanks to Boise State’s famous blue football field. But, for residential use, is artificial turf right for you? Here are 5 ways that turf can actually improve your home maintenance schedule.


May 11

Spec Homes May Be the New Construction Home You Are Looking For

As a homebuyer, there are many choices for what kind of home to buy: existing homes, new construction, semi-custom, or fully custom. With each of these, there are plenty of pros and cons that may extend the home buying process, adding stress to the experience: costs, construction time, necessary repairs. Luckily, spec homes provide a newly-built house without the headaches mentioned above. Are the two biggest benefits of buying a spec home.


May 07

Here's How You Can Fight A Low Home Appraisal

So you ordered a home appraisal on the home you are buying and the appraisal came in low. While this is a rare occurrence, it does happen. The good news is, there are steps you can take to attempt to raise the value of the appraisal and keep the transaction moving forward.


May 04

Eagle Idaho Real Estate Stats- April 2021

How do homes for sale in Eagle, ID look this month? By the numbers


Apr 30

Buying A Home "as-is". Is It A Good Idea?

As you browse the MLS, you may see homes that seem like a screaming deal thanks to a lower price than you expected. You click on the listing and you see two notes: “sold as-is” and “BTVAI”. What do these two notes mean for you, the buyer, and what is there to watch out for? This article aims to break it all down.


Apr 29

Are you thinking of relocating to Boise from Seattle?

Check out our interview with Misty Fisher, part of the Build Idaho team. She moved here from the Seattle area and loves it! Maybe you should take a leap of faith and make Boise your home.


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