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Aug 23

We have received several inquiries in the last month about this new community in Eagle and now the first homes are being built.

Jul 20

Sterling Heights was developed by Sterling Homes and will feature 65 custom homes.

Jul 01

Check out which builders are building the most homes so far this year including total construction value.

May 01

For two years the Boise Idaho real estate market has been the hottest in the country. Prices have been trending steeply upwards. Now the 'thought leaders' are predicting that Boise will be the first to fall.

Apr 30

Every week, Build Idaho reviews buiding permits so we understand more about the local new construction market. This week we noticed three subdivsions with increased activity.

Apr 25

For Perspective:

Todd has been waiting for over two years for the market to shift. He decided to rent because he feels houses were over-priced. Unfortunately, the market that people have been predicting to shift since 2015 is still strong. Is renting a good idea while you wait for home prices to come down?

Apr 15

Yes, CBH Homes is first, but who else competes for building the most homes in Treasure Valley?

Apr 08

Every week, the Build Idaho real estate team reviews building permits. This week we noticed two new communities pulling their first building permits.

Apr 07

Buying a home is not an event to be taken lightly. Knowledge is power and when buying a home, you should be as strong as a lion.

Apr 07

Moving is hard work and there are so many things happening all at the same time that what is normally simple gets complicated. In the midst of all the settling in, tensions can rise, important things get lost and timely details get unintentionally overlooked.

Apr 07

Real estate across the United States is hot with record-low inventory and multiple offers on homes. Fortunately, it is not always about the highest offer.

Apr 07

Real estate's favorite three words are: location, location, location. That is still important but now, we hear more about lIfestyle as part of a home buyer's search.

Apr 02

Looking for more affordable home with easy access to Nampa and Interstate 84? Check out Calvary Springs.

Mar 14

Build Idaho researched which subdivisions between Ada County & Canyon County sold the most homes in 2021, including median prices. Check out the results.

Mar 03

Last Fall the Build Idaho marketing team spent 2 days in Valley County so we could develop our services just to the north.

Entries 1-15 of 2409
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