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May 28

With all the rain and our experience on water in the crawl space i have been looking at gutters lately-wow they are full of junk, leaves, dirt, plants, even saw a tree growing out of one!! time to clean them out, but who do you call? ...

May 20

So solar attic fans are on the hot list now and HVAC companies all over town are selling them, so whats to know right just slap it on the roof and away the heat goes?? Well not really.....

May 14

Boise has not mandated testing radon yet even though we are on the border of the zone 1 and 2 radon areas in the US. Zone 1 requires radon preventive construction, zone 2 does not. well here are the results of the last five homes we tested....not good.....

May 05

have water or poor vapor barrier in the crawl space? here is what your attic might look like. Thi is typical of homes in the valley. what is happening? read more...

Mar 26

just got word back from USGBC Thomas Developement project in Chubbucl Idaho Cardona Senior Housing project certified at platnum level for the USGBC LEED for Homes program!! Also the fist Energy Star Certified buidling in the state! certified by ON Point LLC yours truly-exciting. what did it take to get there? less than you think

Jan 07

This won't be my usual blog, but hopefully it will change your life! i want to encourage everyone to go to www.successmagazine.com and register for the "Plan out the Next 10 years of your life" program. with all the talk about the economy, politics, and just general poor news stories, many people have missed.....

Nov 20

Way cool Just got fomral word North end home12th and Heron just awarded LEED Platnum by the USGBC. this was a great example of a Green home in Boise's North End neighborhood. you might think platnum level is hard but not so..

Nov 13

North end remodel ready to submitt for certification-this will be the first LEED H remodel in idaho and the first green certified remodel in the state. although we do have several more that might beat them there. one is located in..

Nov 09

just met with Alli reau Veau and got a real education on the steel market and just what is really green steel. Alli knows her stuff about the steel process and as the President of Steel IQ inc. their Naked Steel really defines what green is all about..

Oct 25

the rim joist is the end band or board that the joists terminate at the exterior of the stem wall ( foundation ) this is usually a neglected are of insulation and air sealing and can be a huge durrability issue down the road. a homeowner called this week because he is selling his home and the home inspector called out that the rim should be insulated.....

Sep 17

sharon Patterson of Eco edge is offering sustainable building course series with AIA credits and other certifications. this should be a good course since she has been involved in Energy star and LEED training courses, certification or varification of homes

Sep 09

local company Insulstone inc . of Meridain Idaho has a great solution to stone interior and exterior applications and adds R-value as well...

Aug 26

so just checking to see what the comments might generate on solar hot water systems. This is actually one of the better uses of money for solar power but all I see or hear about here in idaho is PV. Why is that? does idaho power and intermountain gas care? where are we headed?

Aug 17

i attended a meeting or green buidling collalition the other day to talk about promoting green building and moving the industry forward to more green homes. while this is a great thing to work for, i was a little put back by the comments from some of the group to get code or mandates to promote green building-ugghhh!!!

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