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Dec 03

Mortgage rates are great...but how long will they stay this low?

Nov 20

Have you received the letter from your credit card issuer telling you about the double-digit increase in your interest rate yet?

Nov 06

President Obama has signed the bill extending AND EXPANDING the homebuyer tax credit program. Read on for the details of the newly expanded program.

Nov 06

President Obama will sign the new tax credit extension legislation very soon. Here are some more details on how the extension is changed.

Nov 05

Watch for an extension of the tax credit for purchasing a home VERY SOON...read on for some details on the new legislation.

Oct 30

The first-time homebuyer tax credit of $8,000 appears to be headed for an extension.

Oct 07

Here are three factors you need to know about regarding why mortgage rates can't stay this low much longer...

Oct 05

Mortgage Rate Ranges for Conforming, FHA, and Idaho Housing mortgage products.

Oct 02

How long can negative items on your credit report REALLY be reported?

Sep 22

Even the most credit conscious consumers make mistakes while managing their credit profile with credit scoring in mind. Here are some of the most powerful myths with regard to credit.

Aug 28

How can you improve your credit scores with regard to credit inquiries? Read on!

Aug 12

Consumers are bombarded daily with offers of new credit. With 10% of your credit score at stake, taking advantage of these "special offers" does nothing good (or special) for your credit score.

Aug 05

A major change regarding time it takes to close a mortgage transaction has been implemented...for those of you EVER planning on pursuing mortgage financing in the future.

Jul 29

It isn't a matter of if, but rather, WHEN, inflation will start to have a tremendous, negative impact on mortgage rates. If you are considering a purchase or refinance, you need to read this.

Jul 07

10% of your credit score comes from the mix of your credit accounts. You must prove that you can manage multiple types of credit.

Entries 1-15 of 72
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