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Nov 18

Statistical proof that your vote does make a difference!

Oct 03

The day's of counting on the sign in the front yard is gone! 87% of today's home buyers are logging onto the internet as their first point of contact to search for a home.

Aug 24

Analysts were anticipating a drop in sales; however, sales and prices both increased.

Aug 18

As the market continues to change and correct, what impact does this have on local Realtors?

Aug 08

Selling a home based on target marketing of the end loans will help you generate more sales in this changing real estate market. Make sure the Realtor you hire understands the available finance options to help capture that elusive buyer!

Aug 03

Jim Paulson looks at the impact of price corrections from the developer, builder and consumer levels.

Jul 23

The benefit of knowing how to use todays techology really helps me do my job from just about anywhere.

Jul 14

In todays technology based world, most commodities could be bought online cheaper than in a brick and mortar store. Knowing this, should I feel like my life as a Realtor will be similar to how my stock broker felt when Charles Schwab came into the picture; or my travel agent felt when Priceline and Expedia were introduced?

Jun 29

Long term mortgage rates are down for the second week in a row and price appreciation in both resale and new homes compared to 2006.

Jun 05

Some times you have to peel back a few layers to see if things are really rotten to the core or not!

May 03

I have received several requests lately for details on $1 million plus homes in Ada County so I decided to do a bit of research to see what the statistics actually imply.

Apr 14

I will analyze the different approaches to various statistics on market time to help polish the accuracy of your crystal ball.

Apr 06

The objective of my blog is to do what the name of this website implies - build credibility!

Entries 31-43 of 43
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