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Sep 19

The Idaho Satesman reported on some upticks in vacancy rates in the Boise Valley Commercail Real Estate Market today. When you analyze the article in light of the fulfillment process and existing vacancies, you'll see that we are in a great investment and tenant situation. Once again, the Boise Valley proves to be a great investment and business location. shhhhhh, don't tell anybody........

Sep 17

A Buyer's agent was using the Cap rate approach on contrasting possible purchases for commercial real estate in Nampa, a major growth area in the Boise Valley. He told me that the property we were being compared to has a 13% Cap rate. I told him to buy it, but my client, who was right next to me, didn't quite understand my response.

Aug 28

When leasing commercial real estate in the Boise Valley, make sure you pick the right team to help you - in your business you have a relationship with your CPA, your attorney, your IT / Web Team, you also need a commercial real estate agent to be your guide through the leasing maze. Commercial leasing terms and contracts vary around the country and you need a local commercial real estate agent familiar with customary lease terms in the Boise SMSA to ensure your interests are protected.

Jul 31

With Some Shift From Residential "Appreciation-Based" Investments To Commercial "Income-Based" Investments Make Sure You Have The Full Picture

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