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Sep 13

Congratulations to Kerri O'Hara for winning the Most Valuable Realtor in August at CBH Homes. A definite distinction is much deserved for her hard work and dedication to her clients.

"What can't be said about Kerri O'Hara? She is just AMAZING to work with! Kerri is a solution finder. Her wonderful construction knowledge makes build jobs an easy process and her communication is top-notch. I always look forward to the opportunity to work with Kerri."  says Melissa Enrico, CBH Kuna Sales Coach.

We are Proud of her accomplishments and look forward to see what other great accomplishments she will achieve in her career.

Sep 10

Here's the best valuation site on-line!


Jul 23

Jan 29

Here are the top reasons to list your Boise Idaho homes for sale today from Core Group Realty!

Dec 19

Flaherty join's Core Group Realty as one of their prefered builders and teams up with Angeal Mae and Jill Self!

Dec 18

We rank again as one of the best housing markets! One of many list that Boise made in 2013. Seems like monthly Boise is recognized as one of the best places to live, work and play.

Dec 12

Thompson Homes Inc. Teamed up with Core Group Realty in November to bring exquisite custom homes to Boise Idaho's area.

Dec 07

Take these facts into mind before you make your decision.

Dec 06

With the rise in the market, Time may be running short for rental purchases!

Dec 03

Low mortgage rates and rising rent in many cities are making it a better time for you to buy a home.

Nov 30

Core Group Realty wants you to know what to watch out for if your are in a distressed situation.

Nov 26

The National Association of Realtors Reveals the Current Home Buyer Trends!

Nov 23

Great New Addition to Core Group Realty - Lori Fenix-Murray!!!

Nov 19

Nov 19

It seems like there are so many shows on TV featuring amazing, unique homes. You can find houses shaped like a sea shell, a shoe or even a guitar. There are even homes being built using shipping containers!

Entries 1-15 of 52
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