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Oct 07

Oct 04

Cheri Barton, one of Idaho's most respected real estate agents, joins Core Group Realty!

Oct 03

In a recent edition of Realtor Magazine, we get some useful advice on making the best first impression with the curb appeal of our Boise Idaho Homes for sale.

Dec 12

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post entitled "Are REO's the BEST Deals?" Trey commented on the post and asked a few questions. Because that post was a few weeks ago and because I think this could be a good discussion topic I thought I'd answer his questions on a new post.

Dec 01

Some banks reluctant to cut prices on foreclosures - Despite the industry's shaky bottom line, many banks still refuse to budge on price when selling real estate. Article from bankrate.com

Aug 07

I'm no lender, but in my business loans are a very important part of the process. Everyone knows that things have changed in the mortgage industry and continue to change.

Jul 01

A couple of weeks ago I started a post about IDX pages and shared a recent experience I had. For the second part, read on.....

Jun 07

A couple of weeks ago I had a woman (who is trying to sell her home) email me. She was livid that I was advertising her property as my listing on my webpage. I had never seen or heard of her property before.

May 07

I've watched a shift it seems. And I am not exactly sure what the cause. A few years ago everyone I spoke with wanted a BIG yard and RV Parking. They are MUST HAVE's they said. It also seemed that there were more bigger yards and RV Parking to go around and developers made the lot sizes big enough to accommodate. As the market boomed I watched the lot sizes in new construction developments get smaller and smaller.

Apr 28

Don't wait until it is too late. If you are going to miss a payment soon or you are going to have to move out of the area DO NOT WAIT. If you have waited too long DO NOT just give up and leave! Even if you have had your home for sale in the past and thing there is no wait it will sell, don't give up.

Apr 23

After a couple months hiatus from blogging, I'm back! One of the things that we (myself, my broker and my husband) have been working with a lot in the last 9 months or so are short sales. They are very common in today's market and not everyone truly understands them. And in fact, many short sale listings end up going into foreclosure. We've been working on making sure that our short sale listings are not among those that end up at auction.

Feb 01

I need some help from consumers, readers and the other bloggers.

Jan 03

While this isnt necessarily directly about Real Estate I do think it is topic appropriate. Sometimes the comment sections on this blog get fiery about how consumers shouldnt trust opinions of the people who are making money in the industry. There may be some truth to that.

Dec 31

I've been loosely following the development of David Hale's new Perennial Townhomes project off of Hill Rd. According to this weeks' edition of the Idaho Business Review the project was approved this month.

Dec 10

In my last "Spotlight on Condo Projects" I received the following comment: "What do you think the impact on pricing will be for the condos which are on the south side of downtown & the connector. First of all, access would seem to be an issue and that area is in a little disrepair, at least at the moment. I've heard the price/sf is pretty high for condos. How is the condo market surviving now that the market has moderated for the moment?"

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