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Nov 15

If you are looking to purchase a property, whether today or 3 years from today, the most effective and easy way for you to search that will also save you time is to have your Realtor set you up on an automatic update search.

Oct 26

Days on Market is one of many tools used for market statistics, negotiating, and market analysis.

Oct 18

Urban Renewal and Condo Projects are important happenings in downtown Boise. Join me as I learn more about everything that is going on.

Oct 13

As the Boise Home Market changes everyone must adjust.

Oct 12

Changing markets call for re-evaluating marketing plans, pricing and motivation. I see some things lately with pricing on homes for sale in Boise that simply don't make sense to me.

Oct 09

Looking for homes online has become the place that most people begin their search. Websites with public access to the MLS have made this really easy and agents have been adjusting to Real Estate in this technological world. This post talks about what you need to know about your online searching for homes for sale in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley, who those agents are with pictures on every house you look at online, and how Buyers are represented in the state of Idaho.

Oct 02

The beginning of another blog about Boise Homes for Sale (but this one is the best!)

Entries 46-52 of 52
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