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Jan 11

We recently produced a report about the top Idaho Custom home builders based on permit values. Where do you think these builders are based out of for offices or their address?

Jan 11

A custom home can be any size and therefore any price point. For this survey, we are considering homes where the permit value was $600k+. This does not include lots costs, so these homes are very nice.

Jan 10

The best is a relative term and while there is no way to determine who is the best home builder in Idaho we can figure out who has the most experience or builds the most expensive homes. This New Construction report ranks builders based on total permits in 2011. It is for all of Southern Idaho from Boise to Idaho Falls.

Apr 12

Latest Idaho Real Estate Report on home value trends of new compared to existing average sales prices around Boise Idaho. The following charts dislay average sales price of new compared to existing home sales prices by quarter from the year 2005 to first quarter. Charts break down each area including Boise , Eagle, Meridian and Star Idaho Real Estate.

Feb 22

Same list as yesterday but this list is alphabatized. Learn more about the newest local communities.

Feb 11

Ever wonder which communities sell the most new homes? What did the sell for on average? What was the price per square foot? And what about Boise Home Builders. Who does sell the most new homes? How many did they sell and how did they rank compared to other builders? What is their average price point? It is all here.... Read on.

Jan 14

While we don't know the final costs of a home, we can research what the permit values submitted to the county were valued at.

Jan 13

At the height of the market there were hundred of builders in Idaho building and meeting the demand for new homes. Today only the strongest have survived. These builders either have the financial strength to build or have developed a product that prospective home buyers actually want! Who are Southern Idaho's Top Producing Builders? Find out now

Jan 13

The Who's Who list of Boise Home Builders. Based on production, not what they think.

Dec 18

Here is a list of builders and how many permits they have pulled. It is just based on September and October.

Nov 17

Wondering where the majority of new homes are being built across Southern Idaho? Traditional media would have you believe that new construction companies are out of business. Build Idaho would argue that. There are still people from out of state moving in and families are still growing. Here is a look at which communities are most popular based on where the builders are building.

Oct 21

Chart displays average sales price of homes in Ada County sold by quarter since 2005. Hear you can clearly see the drivet o the peak of the market and how prices have fallen since. The report includes breakout charts that identitfy home value for each area.

Oct 20

As you can see Canyon County home values have decreased dramatically since they peaked in 2007. This chart is average sales prices of homes by quarter sonce 2005. This report includes detailed charts of each area within Canyon County ID.

Oct 20

Which idaho home builders build the most homes? Check out the latest #'s of who is building. In a tight market experience is critical and knowing which builders do the most volume also lends credibility to their business skills and financial stability.

Feb 23

The 2009 Boise Valley In-Migration Report. The Californification of Boise Idaho and surrounding communities continues. Of course who can blame them. Although California is a great place to visit, it has a horrible reputation for being family oriented and does not seem to be as business friendly.

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