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Jan 28

Learn more about Condominium and Single Family Home values across Treasure Valley. Research average sales price and price per square by subdivision, and Boise Home Builder.

Jan 25

Boise Valley Builders ranked by permits and values. Since 2005, the consumer has become much more interested in learning more about a builder. Not only do they need to have the proper licensing and insurance but also experience. How much experience did builders around the valley receive last year. Find out!

Oct 14

Mar 14

2007 Idaho In-Migration Report. They are moving fast as ever to Boise Idaho.

Jan 16

Includes Permit Reports by area and Builder plus industry reports from local experts.

Nov 07

We're the ones who know what's going on in the marketplace.

Aug 14

Idaho real estate trivia: What happens when the inventory of homes is plentiful and growing, sales are slow, construction is down and new developments and phases are popping up everywhere and continue rolling out? Lower prices, right? We have increased supply and lower demand which means prices are falling, correct? Not really. My economics professor would have struggled to grasp the current real estate circusmstances and no one has given a comprehensive answer yet.

Feb 01

Top Canyon County Builders by Total Permit Value from 2006

Entries 31-38 of 38
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