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Nov 11

Read Scott Flynn's green article that appeared in Saturday's Builder Showcase of the Idaho Statesman.

Oct 06

How tight competition is creating better communities.

Sep 19

Green building is much more than just reducing a homes environmental footprint, its also about the financial, healthy and peace-of-mind benefits.

Sep 16

Certified green homes use a holistic approach to the construction process. Here are the 7 guiding principles of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) National Green Home Program.

Sep 08

The evolution of practical elements into ornament is one of the primary problems of the McMansion

Aug 30

While reading the Editors Notes in the current addition of Builder Magazine last night I came across a staggering statistic.

Aug 06

The first thing to note is that the term traditional is not a style, but a collection of elements that has been repeated over time, evolving through many styles.

Jul 29

As I drove up to one of my job-sites today I noticed 4 bikes in the garage!

Jun 26

Even in a slow market there are sweet spots that exceed expectations, all you have to do is find them.

Jun 08

The difference of Hazelwood Villages fiber optics technology is staggering.

May 10

The most valuable quality a builder can have is being trustworthy.

Apr 13

Does your builder? In the building industry loyalty is a critical element to achieving success, in which loyalty comes in both the personal and creative forms. The following are the 3 key areas that defined true loyalty.

Apr 06

How does your community team rate?

Mar 22

If you cant, then it doesnt exist.

Mar 13

Entries 16-30 of 44
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