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Mar 08

Communication, Communication, Communication

Mar 03

Why does there have to be so many?

Feb 27

Passion, Process and Product.

When asking myself why I ever became a builder my number one answer was passion. From day one I have had a passion to build curb-a-pealing quality homes, a passion to better my community and a passion to exceed homeowner expectations.

Feb 23

Looking for a quiet cottage community located on the Boise Greenbelt?

Feb 21

Jan 31

All of my research shows that Hazelwood Village is any buyers best bang for their buck.

Jan 29

Best way I have found to prove the value for building an Energy Star (EStar) Home is the monthly savings in your utility bills.

Jan 22

Does your sider think like water? More information about siding on the exterior of your home.

Jan 15

Recently I had a reader ask how to judge quality construction - fantastic question!

Jan 10

As a builder I believe one of the most important qualities a sub-contractor can bring to the table is their work ethics regarding how they make the building process operate more efficiently. My congrats to Majestic Flooring!

Jan 03

The ultimate community building package.

Dec 26

Any builder can install granite, but not all can install piece-of-mind.

Dec 18

The term value can be a very elusive subject.

Dec 13

See one way my building company creates value in the community.

Entries 31-44 of 44
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