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Feb 18

Hardware: the most confusing title for one of the most influential surfaces of interior design! What is architectural hardware, who is Vicinity Hardware and what makes us so special.

Feb 15

Choosing a faucet can be difficult and overwhelming.

May 26

An interesting set of statistics from a home service survey run last month.

Apr 10

A kitchen makeover does not have to be an expensive project. Here are steps that will make your face lift fabulous on a budget! Not interested in the full enchilada? Great, pick and choose the most important aspect...hardware first.

Mar 30

There are secrets in the hardware finish and how it is produced that many would NOT want you to know. Find out what they are.

Mar 17

Small changes in your bathroom can make a big difference in refreshing the busiest room in the house. Focus on the details, and you'll be able to customize this space - making it more stylish, while reflecting your personal taste.

Mar 11

Real Design advise for the Kitchen and Bathroom. With a bit of design guidance you can do your kitchen and bathroom yourself. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Mar 03

Hardware is a Specialty product. Here is what you need to know, to make the best choice.

Feb 17

How to make your Entryway POP and send that welcoming message to all of your guests. The front door is like a first introduction of you and your family. What does yours say?

Feb 10

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware can be a daunting task. Here is some advice and resources to make that tough job much easier.

Feb 03

We recently traveled to Phoenix for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Team in Training to complete the PF Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon. WHAT a wonderful experience. At many of the downtown hotels during that trip, we enjoyed some of the simple hardware details. Being an industry partner, we know how inexpensive and simple these upgrades can be. Do you? Here are a couple easy tricks to creating a luxury spa in your own Bathroom.

Dec 02

Remodeling Advise that will save money and add value!

Oct 28

Are you prepping your home for sale? In today's market, some simple, low-cost solutions are now available to help you do that as expeditiously as possible...for as little as possible.

Sep 02

It doesn't take a great deal of money to COMPLETELY change the room! See how changing specific focal pieces can really make all of the difference!

Aug 22

Is Brass Hardware really outdated? Our experts in the industry will explain the how and why of it all.

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