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Jan 16

What does the future hold?

Oct 24

Sharing an article with you about housing sales going up! This was just released by the NAR....

Oct 10

If you are struggling to make your payments, the Federal Government has created a refinance program to help you stay in your home as an Owner and avoid a short sale or foreclosure.

Sep 09

I'm frequently asked by buyers if choosing to build a basement is a good idea. I have a couple of different answers for them....

Sep 02

Its Official! Im finally an EcoBroker!

Aug 11

In case you missed the announcement this past week, the land at the corner of Eagle and Fairview has been purchased.

Aug 01

We've been ready for it...now that builders are selling their existing homes and starting to build new ones...the prices are going to go up.

Jul 22

Just a follow up to my blog about infill and the vision for our Valley. Here's a great article posted by the Idaho Business Review from the most recent press conference with Mark Rivers, the developer of BoDo. Enjoy!

Jul 18

Is anyone else tired of hearing about the market? Oh, the market if only the market was better I could sell this house, that house, this homesite, this chunk of dirt, etc.

Jun 25

The hottest topic of the day....going GREEN - when will Boise be ready?

Jun 06

For Boise builders, the canvas for their work is beautiful.

May 28

In the Nation's Building News today, and article came out stating that Idaho, is one of the growth regions for housing - we're a green state on the chart!

May 21

As a former city girl, I'm amazed daily at the beauty of this Valley and all that it has to offer.

May 02

While having coffee with my fellow blogger and urban living expert, Bryant Forrester, this week, he mentioned a great term - first ring suburbs.

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