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Mar 06

Brunobuilt in The Shores.....This home is terrific and waterfront:

Nov 03

What do you define as a trophy property?  A fabulous LOCATION?  An irreplaceable VIEW?  Mature trees and amazing layout?  Whatever you define as your OWN trophy property...you can find it in Eagle.  I'll be out previewing homes in Eagle this week...I'll let you know which ones made their way to the TOP--  Eagle homes for sale---there are some trophy ones!


I know...I know...it's been a while!  Like Clint Swindall would say..."Tell me somethin' good!"

Sep 24

What is going on with EAGLE homes for sale? According to Intermountain MLS, Ada County CURRENTLY has approx 1063 newly constructed residential listings. August alone saw approx 130 newly constructed homes SOLD in Ada County....this reflects an average price of $237,699.......EAGLE has sold 4 of those 130 newly constructed homes with an average price of $653,350 (median price is $850,000)...this is a little over 3% of the total market.

Sep 17

Pacifica Homes just released a new line of homes in Eagle from $144,900...with homes starting in the 991 SF range in the community of Eaglefield off Linder and Hwy 44, I will look forward to seeing quality of construction and community amenities.  Their community rendering, waterways and layout look appealing!  Watch for more details as I go out to take a peek....if you've been there or reviewed the rendering, let me know what YOU think--

Eagle homes for sale...affordability is here!

Like Clint Swindall would say, "Tell me something good!"

Sep 02

"Great amenities nearby" is a common request for new buyers....what does Eagle offer and what communities are nearby that facilitate easy access and great activities?

Aug 15

Just having recently sold a nearly new Eagle home in Brookwood, my client was so impressed (as was I) with the community amenities which include pool, walk paths, park, basketball court & ponds.  Not only did my client get a craftsman style home perched up on the rim with a terrific view, but she was also greeted with an outstanding community newsletter detailing all the offerings of the community from the Sunday BBQs at the community pool "potluck style" to a list of babysitters, home tending services, website login info, etc...it really helped her feel right at home in the community and created a raving fan (me!).  Eagle Homes for Sale in Brookwood start from $249,900.  Currently, there are 32 homes for sale in Brookwood with an average price of $509,423, according to Intermountain MLS.  Some homes currently being marketed were built by:  Legacy, O'Neill, Mayer, Marrs, Sierra Construction....if you built in there, let me know with a comment!  ;)

Discover Eagle...great community amenities help differentiate YOURS from all the rest....Like Clint Swindall would say....."Tell me something good!"

Aug 11

I am taking the challenge!  Will you? 

Over the next several weeks and months, I will be discovering almost everything that the city of Eagle, Idaho offers it's visitors and residents.  I'd love to have you join me...and, even send me photos of what you feel makes up Eagle.  From watching the children play in the local parks like Merrill Park and water fountains--like the one in downtown Eagle, to riding your bikes on the new bike path extension and flyfishing near the Bardenay--I want to know what makes you LOVE the city of Eagle and how you DISCOVER it or DEFINE it everyday.

In addition, I will be focusing on homes that I feel are great values....providing opportunity!  Jump ON board and let's discover Eagle together!!

As Clint Swindall would say, "Tell me somethin' good!"


Entries 1-7 of 7

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