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Oct 22

Winter tires and improving your home's winter performance!

Oct 16

Real results from real people who paid the price for comfort.

Sep 10

OK, this is where I planned to start for the first blog but I got sidetracked. It seems we ought to start with a definition of "green." What is it that makes one building practice or material more environmentally friendly then another? That's easy. There are three basic principles that are used to weigh the relative "greenness" of any practice or product: durability, efficiency, and health.

Jul 30

If you care about building a green indoors, my first advice is...

Jul 02

Jun 19

Boise finally has a store specializing in environmentally friendly building products.

Jun 14

Boise's new environmentally friendly building supply house.

Jun 04

Doing nothing is always one of the options, and it is often the greener option.

May 22

Could I get any greener?

May 08

Reduce - Reuse - Reconstruct!

Apr 30

Plumbing is one place where the efficiency word cuts both ways. We love to use water when it means unlimited hot showers or plump and happy garden tomatoes but its hard to get as excited about that water bill every month.

Apr 23

People call them home?

Apr 09

Bigger is our default answer.

Feb 02

So I'm doing Home Performance work on a home in the Highlands, sealing ducts, adding insulation, replacing windows, etc. and I run into a problem with the inspector.

Jan 30

My house has a tendency to be the first guinea pig for many of the products I use in the field. My wife loves the way this makes our house always look like a construction zone. She loves the continual movement of furniture from one room to another, she loves the mess.... She may yet kill me.

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