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Jun 23

"There are so many elements my wife and I enjoy, but I think we feel that our home is a work of art-.... Even 6 months later, I wake up and love being at home. I almost would rather not leave to go on vacation and just stay home--my house is that cool! " Rob B. Hazelwood Village

Jan 04

"I came to Boise not wanting to build a home and go through the entire process--can be very stressful. I found this home and several others in the area but I kept coming back to this one. The home had everything I was looking for plus. Having built so many homes I felt like I was able to examine this home and see the quality. " Tom Lee, Sonata Hills

Aug 28

"We ultimately chose Syringa because of their attention to detail, the craftsman style that they used and their website that allowed us to look at their house plans online and view model homes through virtual tours."

Aug 13

Syringa Construction Excellence Review

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