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Aug 12

Have some extra cash on hand? You should strongly consider taking this opportunity to invest back into your home and add to its long-term value. Even if you aren’t thinking about moving right now, a higher home value can be beneficial and help you get rid of private mortgage insurance or get a more competitive refinancing offer. In this article, we’ll review three of the best home projects for a high return-on-investment (ROI), as well as what you can do to maximize the value you get out of each of them.

Aug 07

Just a few months ago when COVID-19 lockdowns were imposed across the United States, many parts of the economy slowed down, people lost their jobs, and many people didn't leave their homes. As restrictions have lifted, one industry has seen a faster nationwide recovery than expected: real estate.

Aug 06

Buying a home is a complicated process that takes time, knowledge, guidance, and a little luck. As a first-time home buyer, you quickly learn the process and it can become overwhelming in a hurry. Our advice is to start by asking these three questions to your realtor.

Aug 04

The Crimson Point subdivision in Kuna, Idaho is designed for affordability, walkability, and accessibility. See for yourself with our new 360 degree aerial view.

Jul 30

West Highlands Ranch in Middleton, Idaho is what people think of when it comes to suburban life: Nice homes with great amenities, close to schools, and easy commuting. Take a look with our new aerial drone view.

Jul 28

How would you like to live a stone’s throw from the Boise River and less than 10 minutes from Lucky Peak Reservoir? If this sounds like the perfect place to live, consider Canyon Point subdivision.

Jul 25

Summer is the perfect time to get your lawn in pristine condition, especially if you are planning on selling your home. We know for a fact that a well-manicured lawn is essential to amazing curb appeal. The more your lawn looks like a golf course fairway, the more excited potential buyers will be about how nice the rest of the property is.

Jul 24

You have found a house that is perfect for you and checks all of your boxes for amenities, needs, and location, and you are ready to make an offer. However, there are multiple offers already for that house. How do you make sure your offer stands out enough to get the seller's approval?

Jul 23

A house is an investment, and a very expensive one at that. As a homeowner, you have to contend with wear and tear on the house and its systems, in addition to making sure that the home is covered in case of emergencies. This is where home warranties and home insurance come in. In this blog, we will define these two coverages.

Jul 21

Take a virtual tour of the upscale Oakwood subdivision in Meridian, Idaho. Located directly off Meridian Road between Amity and Victory, this community is close to everything you want.

Jul 17

According to Realtor.com, demand and prices for luxury homes has seen an increase in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Jul 14

Boise sits near the top of another national livability and affordability study.

Jul 11

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down many parts of the US and global economy. However, one industry in America has seen an increase in activity as the pandemic has spread: Real estate. If you are wondering if this is the right time to buy a house, don’t wait any more.

Jul 06

Owning a home is a great investment in the future. It’s also a major responsibility. One of the biggest challenges of transitioning from renting to owning is becoming responsible for all of the property’s upkeep and maintenance needs. At face value, it can feel overwhelming, and many homeowners—especially first-time homebuyers—live with the near-constant anxiety that they’re not doing enough to keep their home in good shape.

As it turns out, home ownership and maintenance aren’t things anyone is just magically good at. Properly maintaining a home takes experience and forethought. It takes a plan. In this article, we’ll review just how you can go about building a seasonal home maintenance checklist.

Jun 25

On the surface, buying a home in foreclosure seems like an easy way to get a house for cheap; which makes for a profitable flip or a cheap place to live. But is it actually a good idea?

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