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Is now the time to buy with the government shutdown?

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While this is not a political website nor do I want to debate the issues it does create an interesting situation for those in the Idaho Real Estate Market. Should you buy now with the great interest rates or should you wait and see what happens?

Idaho Real Estate BlogThe goverment shutdown is definitely going to start affecting real estate the longer it goes unresolved. Thousands of people are not working or getting paid. Many of them will either not be able to afford as much home or have to wait to buy the house they want as their down payment is now reduced?

All of this will definitely affect demand and possibly lower real estate values but will Boise be affected. The City of Trees is experiencing heavy in-migration so the question is will the governement shutdown increase the number of people moving here or slow them down.

While the governement shutdown and all the issues surrending it are stressful, always remember that life goes on and people find their way. Today someone will get married, have a baby, get a raise in pay, get a bonus check, retire or decide to move for a variety of reasons.

Should you take advantage of the great intertest rates or wait and see what happens? Only you can decide?

Posted by tlangford at 10/11/2013 3:39:00 PM

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