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Now that you have a Architect / designer what are the details that should be included?

Fist off is that your home should be at least energy star rated if not higher level of certification. if not you can expect 2x4 construction with R-15 Batt insulation installed poorly and effective R-value of the walls is less than have of the stated R value for a wall performance 50% lower than expected. the equipment will be 80% costing you more money, draw its air from the a space full of VOC's which will ruin the equipment in less than 8 years, have duct leakage of over 40%, draw in contaminates, garage air, crawl space air, gasses, etc into your home, have hot or  cold  rooms, noise home, poor flashing details, high utility bills, and be drafty. is that what you paid $100,000-1,000,000 million for? sorry this is the industry standard, I see personally 100's of these homes every week with little to no drainage or  flashing details, and multiple health, safety, and durability problems. Make sure you have a third party involved to inspect the home.

Second you should almost always insist on a proper foundation drain. below the footing an sloped  to grade. the home should have at least 6 inches of concrete above the landscaping, no  wells should be installed around foundation vents because the grade it to high! Guess what they don't work! The home should have proper overhangs (at least two feet) to shed water away from the home and block summer solar gain. Weather resistant barrier (WRB) such as Tyvek should always be installed and the windows should be flashed shingle flashing into the WRB. Low  E windows should be required, insulated doors, high efficiency equipment, sealed duct work, blown in insulation, thermal boundary, and I would encourage healthy or "Green"  materials go into the home construction. Mechanical ventilation and filters would be recommended, as well as efficient domestic  hot water heater. purchase energy star or European appliances, use Compact fluorescent lighting,  high efficiency water fixtures and landscaping, and solar should be considered.

so next week we will get into more building specifics and construction.

Posted by Tad Duby at 6/16/2007 4:08:00 AM
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