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Managing Builder Communication 101 Main Owner Builder Log
Since we first broke ground the amount of communication beween Jon and I and our builder has gone from 1-2 times / week to at least 2-3 times / day. All of this communication needs to be managed in order to keep everyone up to speed and moving ahead. I have found a few simple tools to help me do this.

The day has comewe have something on our property that is starting to resemble of our home. The well is drilled, the excavation is done, the footings and foundation is poured and the Pre-Cut kit is being manufactured at this very moment.

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Since we first broke ground the amount of communication between Jon and I and the builder has gone from 1-2 times a week to 2-3 time / day. As owner / builders we are much more involved in the day to day operations of home construction so we are also talking to suppliers, subcontractors, city, county and state agencies.  All this communication needs to be managed in order to keep everyone up to speed and moving ahead. I have found a few simple tools that help me do this.


  1. Cell Phones- we make ourselves easy to contact and respond quickly to messages in order to avoid holdups and bottle necks. (Time is money and we dont have much of either).
  2. File box- dedicated to all building papers. So far I have contracts, lot info, materials, invoices and loan information. I am sure there will be more to come.
  3. Idea folder- (link to earlier blog) is still serving us well. It is actually shrinking as we have started weeding ideas out as we make decisions and develop a clearer picture of what we want.
  4. Web Page-I constantly update a secure web page that has all of the critical contact info for everyone involved , a running tab of cash flow, and a discussion board that I use to document all construction activities or decisions. This has been by far the most useful tool because I can access it from any internet connection, it gives us a detailed timeline of events that we can refer to if any issues come up and we always know where we are financially.
  5. Regular discussions with Jon- We learned quickly that we must define and communicate our roles and responsibilities with each other on an ongoing basis. We try to divide tasks equally but most importantly we make it very clear who is going to handle what. We dont hesitate to delegate or ask for help. This prevents anything from slipping through the cracks.


These tools have really made things move along smoothly. I had to try a lot of things before I figured out what really worked and I am sure that it is different for everyone. The important thing to establish a system and stick to it and you will have a more enjoyable and less chaotic building experience.


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FYI we are also selling our current home in SE Boise. Its  is a great single family 3 bedroom home that is close to BSU, the freeway, and Park Center shopping and restaurants. Check it out at:

Posted by Sarah Pokorney at 6/18/2007 5:29:00 PM
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