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Boise finally has a store specializing in environmentally friendly building products.
OK - its blatant advertising time here...

Boise finally has a store specializing in environmentally friendly building products. Green Foundations is now open at 5242 Chinden , phone 921.9309. Youll have to call because I dont know what their hours are. Maybe its not blatant advertising since its not my store...

But still Im excited. It gets so cumbersome and mind numbing to try and meet the durability and health standards of the green building movement when shopping at the standard home centers. You have to read lots of labels and ask pesky questions of associates who dont really know and mostly just guess or tell you what they think you want to hear. So now there is somewhere that I can go and buy something as simple as tube of caulk, and know without Ill be OK with it. Its a relief to not have to fight with every Volatile Organic Chemical that come down the road .

Heidi , thats the name of the lady who owns Green Foundations, comes from an environmental science background. So if you do want buried in information about the products they carry, she can help you out there. Her standards are high .

Um... what do they have? Paint - Caulk - Clay (for walls) - Stains - Concrete sealers - Paperstone - Icestone - Dakota burl board - kirei board - wheat board - tile - and who knows what all else, some environmentally friendly cleaners and housewares too - and I think doors and cabinets are in the work
So anyway, go shopping - have fun - dont worry
Josh Bogle
PO Box 324, Boise ID 83701

Green is... durable, efficient, healthy, & beautiful
Posted by Josh Bogle at 6/19/2007 11:08:00 PM
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