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The Calm Before the Sweat Equity Storm Main Owner Builder Log



            Wow things are happening really fast. After almost a full year of planning and preparation I am shocked at how fast it is all coming together. We broke ground less than one month ago and we have a fully framed two story home. Soon we will start doing some of the work ourselves to earn some sweat equity. We will be doing all of the siding and some of the roofing and plumbing. We will also be insulating, painting, installing flooring, trim, cabinets, and fixtures with the help of generous friends and family. From here on out the schedule will depend greatly on the pace of our work. So it is go time.


            Building our own home and selling our current home have been more of a strain than we had expected and it was wearing us down. We decided to get away from it all and skip town for a week before our part of the work started. I was nervous to leave in the middle of construction but we met with our builder before we left and made sure we were all on the same page and gave him our contact info for the trip. He laid out the next few weeks of construction activities which made us feel comfortable leaving town. We enjoyed a relaxing week on the Oregon coast with our friends and family. We returned refreshed and ready to take on this home project with our renewed energy. I highly recommend scheduling a short getaway during home construction. It will make the whole process more enjoyable and will preserve your sanity and I know we will need it to get through the rest of the construction. Lets Role! JUN07 004.jpg
Posted by Sarah Pokorney at 7/11/2007 9:55:00 PM
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Re:The Calm Before the Sweat Equity Storm
You bring back thoughts of a few projects I have been involved in where the buyer was doing sweat equity. One included a Pilot for Southwest that wanted to do a lot himself. I convinced him to work overtime based on his salary flying a plane back and forth to Seattle or Portland and not try to put a poor $7-10 hour construction worker out of a job!

Another interesting memory involved us allowing a family to do their own sheetrock which we provided at cost. We came back a few days later to find a patchwork assembly of what appeared to be scaps of sheetrock on the walls. The buyer insisted this was cut and done on purpose since the various angles provided greater structural integrity. I am not a Structural Engineer; however, I think gypsum and paper doesn't really work any better as a jig saw puzzle than in sheets unless it takes more nails/screws to install which you could have accomplished in 4x8 sheets to start with. I think if I had looked in the classifieds or on Craigslist I would have found our sheetrock for sale. The subcontractor that had to tape and texture the walls charged the builder more to cover the additional seams than we gave the homeowner to do the sheetrock! It wasn't worth the aurgument, so we just grinned and went forward.

I have had clients come to the jobsite like yours and insist it was built wrong due to simple things like in your picture showing the Tyvek wrap intalled with the lettering upside down even though it doesn't matter!

All I know is that if my job was as easy as most people thought it was, I would already be home with my family or out playing golf!

Jim Paulson
Re/Max Capital City
Posted by on 7/13/2007 9:27 PM
Re:The Calm Before the Sweat Equity Storm
It looks nice, but you need to update! Don't know when I'll be home next but can't wait to see it. Hopefully it will all be done though so I won't have to help.

Heard about your nice save with all your stuff in the basement. My stuff got drowned!
Posted by on 8/23/2007 5:38 PM


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