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I did some recent retrofit work on a Home Performance with Energy Star improvement a couple weeks ago, and was very impressed by the subcontractor that was referred to us to do the roofing. This was particularly refreshing because of the multiple roofing jobs that I have looked at or consulted on where the roofer was clearly uneducated about proper roof flashing or just did not care. can you do it wrong and not have roof leaks? Yes you can for the first couple years, but eventually it will leak. So I was talking to Nalin Kesner of Nalin Roofing after a recent re-roof that he did for us, and we got to talking about the contractors (builders or subs) who were installing roofs incorrectly. I am amazed at the number of roofing installs that I see where the flashing is on the wrong side of the felt, No felt, or improper lapping of roofing materials, and at how many times I have brought this up to a sub  only to have him try to convince me that it did not matter! Nalin commented on how he has been beat out by subs that were cheaper because of the other subcontractor either not applying the roofing correctly or using the wrong products for the wrong roof. I was particularly pleased that Nalin chose not to work for some builders who refused to pay him to do things correctly. So heres a few pointers, if you see felt paper after the roof is applied, IT  WILL LEAK, if the valley has shingles ran to the middle instead of cut back of center, IT WILL LEAK, if you have penetrations (pipes) in the valley or nails, IT WILL LEAK, if your eave metal is on top of the felt paper and valley flashing (recent remodel we looked at) , IT  WILL LEAK. Do not  let a roofer nail L metal down to the roof, or step flashing for that matter, IT WILL LEAK. Some roof  will require ice and water shield, or other products, just because one product works good for one application, does not mean it works for all. Slate and tile roofs require different application materials that a comp roof. There is a minimum lap on your felt paper for different  pitches of roofs. There are to many applications to address them all here,   what I recommend is that you find a good roofer that is recommended by a supplier, or roofing rep, or contact Nalin Kesner 573-0738. The roofer should know what to apply with different roofing types, style, pitch, climate, and time of year.if you don't know, find someone who does. Pay the guy to do the job right, in the long run you will benefit. Learn to point out the competition mistakes, (there are plenty) and learn to sell a Durable home!
Posted by Tad Duby at 8/19/2007 10:41:00 PM
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Re:Subs who care
How do we change it so low bidders are not the most appealing in a world where few are concerned about long term results compared to short term savings. What about people that have the same expectations of low bidders as high biders, they believe the high bidder is just overpriced? Is there a way to add some accountability? In a market filled with investors and investor built homes there is a lot of crap out there. As a matter of fact I met a person this week who introduced himself as an investor and immendiately followed up with "I steal homes." I can only imagine the pitiful quality of low bid products and service on his homes.

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Re:Subs who care
Unfortunately durrability becomes an issue of concern when people ge sued! this has led to requirements in other statees for drainage plane insepctions etc. i think consumer education is playing a major role as well as blogs like this one and may others. hopefully we will see builders and subs realize through education that customer satisfacdtion and warranty hare huge areas of exspense that if tracked justify accountability and specific scopes of work. Avimor development has the best Quality control check list and scope of works taht I have seen on a residential product. now if they effectively market that to the consumer as other builders we work with do, you will start to see consumers asking the questions. Also some builders and homeowners have asked for and are requiring third party inspections of homes. This will help also. I firmly beleive if I can get face to face with a builder who cares, I can convince him to do the details properly, so many are so busy that they expect the details to be done right, and that Unfortunaely is not the case. Suggestion would be to implement a QA checklist for all builders-work with ON POINT to develope!
Posted by on 8/20/2007 10:53 AM
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