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Don't put those chemicals on your yard!! do you know the average homeowner puts more chemicals on their yard per sq ft that farmers, and homeowners are not required to have EPA licenses! There are better ways to maintain your landscape. Zamzows has been helping local Idaho residents do this for over 35 years. In fact have you heard their new commercial? NATURAL!! There are others as well...One company that seems  to be leading the way is Sustainable Growth Boise www.sustainablegrowth.com 389-4769 contact Lindsay Schramm. This company knows what it is doing!! With Organic  farming  and ranching becoming the desired products of the food industry it just makes sense that a company finally decided that we need to stop pouring chemicals on our yards that harm our environment, pets, kids, streams, etc. Don't we all live in Idaho for Quality of Life?? I do! so let think about what we  are treating our landscapes with. There are better ways to control bugs, create better soil, better growth and root structure, etc. before I get in trouble talking to much about what I really don't understand, let me tell you I will be booking a assessment from Sustainable Growth, and I would recommend you do the same. would it be better if we can maintain our landscape without pouring pesticides and chemical fertilizers to our yards? can we all make a difference? Can your landscape contribute to the durability and health of your home environment? You bet! Do you really want to breath air  in your home  that is drawing from the yard? No way. Next time you get out the lawn care products ready the warning, do you really want that on your lawn?
Posted by Tad Duby at 8/19/2007 11:10:00 PM
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