Idaho Green Expo May 17-18 at Boise Centre on the Grove Main The Durable Green Home

I always hear the phrase "oh Idaho is just behind the rest of the nation" I don't agree. look at the green movement in Idaho! listed in USA today as one of the Leading Green markets, one of the first commercial LEED Platinum buildings, one of the first LEED Gold Homes were built right here in Boise Idaho. I get companies every day that are asking how do they become more green or environmentally friendly. Now we are having out own green Expo!learn more about the event by reading the rest of the blog.

Idaho Green Expo will be a free two-day annual event that will showcase environmentally preferred products and services, and provide information on leading a healthier and more sustainable life. the event will feature over 150 exhibitors and over 60 workshops on a variety of green topics. the event will also feature music, food, speakers, art, demonstrations, and children's activities.

The purpose is to accelerate the emergence of a new green economy. Save the date May 17-18 at Boise Centre on the Grove. to view the website go to www.idahogreenexpo.org contact information is available online for exhibitors and sponsors. with many levels of sponsorship available, everyone can contribute to help support such a great event. local companies have till October 1st to have the first right to sponsorship or exhibitor support, after October 1st any company can contribute and take part in the Idaho Green Expo. Hurry and get your booth or sponsorship package done before it is opened up to everyone. this event promises to be sold out early from the response we have gotten so far. Good Job Idaho!

How is green durable you might ask? that we will save for next time, it's a long discussion.

Posted by Tad Duby at 9/14/2007 12:02:00 AM
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