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What is the Question? The question is 'How much LESS do you pay for a CBH Homes when buy it on eBay?

Valley couple's last-minute eBay bid earns them a CBH Home

House sells online for $150,190, making builders as well as buyers happy.

Article in the Statesman this morning by Joe Estrella.

Curtis Hardy and his fiancee, Stephanie Kiesig, thought they would never be able to afford the home they had fallen in love with in the Tomorrow subdivision in Kuna last year.

Priced at $180,000, the 1,339-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath home was beyond the couple's price range. That changed, however, when the very same house turned up on eBay as one of five homes builder Corey Barton was auctioning off.

"We'd been happy with the way we had been marketing our homes," Barton said. "But we thought some people would find this an attractive way to look for a home."

eBay bidding on the Barton home had reached $110,000 when Hardy and Kiesig stumbled upon the Internet site. They waited until there were just two minutes left to bid Sept. 3 before submitting the winning offer of $150,190, or $29,810 less than the home had been priced at a year earlier.

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Posted by tlangford at 9/27/2007 2:40:00 PM
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