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Investing in Idaho Foreslosures 2007

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Understanding and Profiting from Foreclosures, Short Sales, & REO's in Idaho

The seminars are October 30th and November 27th. I have been to the series with Lance Churchill and it was extremely informative. I will tell you this, it takes forever to get the point but Lance lays a great foundation for understanding foreclosures and then reveals the foreclosure strategies. It covers all aspects of the foreclosure process and the profit centers for investors. It is an excellent introduction to foreclosure investing for beginners, but even seasoned investors will learn new techniques to implement immediately.

This three hour seminar from Frontline Seminars is a condensed version of its full day foreclosure investment course and is jam-packed with information and investing tips.  Here are the topics that will be covered:

  • Idaho/Washington Foreclosure Laws
  • The Foreclosure Timeline
  • Where To Get Leads
  • Marketing Methods
  • Dealing With Lender Loss Mitigation Departments
  • Understanding Real Estate Title
  • Pre-Foreclosure Profit Centers for Investors
    • Lease Options
    • “Subject to”
    • Short Sales
  • Buying At Auction
  • REO’s
  • Basic Asset Protection for Investors
    • Land Trusts
    • LLC’s
    • Corporations 

The instructor for this course is Lance Churchill, an Idaho real estate attorney with over twenty-five years of experience. His law firm was the Trustee in over one thousand foreclosures. Over the past five years he has also been an active investor in distressed real estate. He has personally reviewed and evaluated over four thousand foreclosures and has purchased hundreds of properties in pre-foreclosure and at auction for his own portfolio.

American Data Providers.com is offering 3 CE credits for all Idaho Agents the price of this Seminar is 59.95 for All Attendees.

Course # E0454

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